Beyond Twin

Twin Flame Template a mechanism of rapture. Through the allotted potentiality
presented as course of resurrection of union through merge of all polarized
field aspects.


The continuum of merge returns to its set point as the divine Essence of the Twin
harmonized through all completion achieving set points of neutralization or balance
within all expressions of Being. The culmination of the synthesizes of the many natures.
The rationalization of all frequency streams which coalesce through the lived realities.

As we are in effect departicularized dispersed through the expression the fundamental tones of our counterpart(s) energetic signatures beacon our return. Mirroring all obstacle and magnetizing all offset to the forefront of the awareness.

The reallocation of identification of a stream souly as the One is another misguided potentially when the accords of right order are not being met within the name of Love. Love as an expression is harmonizing through all densities and it is blasting open into all lack. It is shining light into our depths into our pain and delusion.

Let us set aside our contrast to augment into new potentials by looking beyond the twin template, the person and or the expression to the core essence of this domain which is in effect the pure Essence prior to template encapsulation.

Therefore rapture is a breaking through all boundaries and limitations even the housing of infrastructure to the most refined realities of Being. Source tone receives embodiment as an expression to be housed as a life potential manifest. The union template is the course of re-harmonization- the clarion call from the One Source to break free at last from all latency, all stagnation, all fragmentation.

Recognizing that all is flow and we are expressing through a migration of combinations of potential within levels and degrees of frequency to rejoin through the membranes, fences and infrastructures of Being. Refine as we join and propel to rise as we expand our course and breath in new direction.

All is phase shift and variation which co- creates,creates new domains for in the expressions to elevate the suffering of the fallen continuums- the savior, the Christ consciousness is the embodiment of divine direction and protocol to serve this upliftment. Replenishing all life we counter correct all displacement and corruption through the application of pristine alignment housed within our signature, calling cards of higher template orders.

To look and be beyond attachment to outcome, circumstance, person, place and thing is to release from authentic order all control and manipulative motives from our field effects. This release allows the recalibration and reset through our lived expression to derive a new set point. Continuously refining not holding we are brave to trust that higher states present.

We see into the Now materialized yet honor the Now materialized as we station within All as the breath Is. Calibrating our bodies to this expression we are Source and are removed from the mind matrices and Fall streams.

Rapture to be beyond is the propulsion and the dynamic effect which seeds this course.

Being beyond is Being as you are in this Now to hold and honor your peace without laying into or onto another as primary. It is a standing strong and fortified as an expression of the One – then and only then can the two rationalize all separation and combine within fluidity to complete resolve.

Dance of all dances and culmination of all stages exhalate within the daze.


Discordant Energetics in Twin Flame Union Fields

Reference: Horus-Ra as the Archonic Alien Parasite: A follow-up interview with Maarit a Scandinavian MILAB-abductee


After years of tracking and discerning the parameters of this particular energy field it was a welcomed revelation to find resonant experience bolstering my own explorations and subsequent conclusions.

I have been intuiting/experiencing this particular energy spectrum for the past several years as a source of infiltration within those who embody specific frequency configurations. The feel or tone of the field is what most closely relates to a static matrix of immense magnitude, one that can infiltrate every atom of our being if not intercepted. Those beings of the Indigo persuasion, in particular, and those of other star seed origins
who incarnate via specific paths then become tagged by this energy field as they enter material expression or transit through immateriality via the Horus-Ra corridors.

Those of melanated physicality, being the original keepers of Earth, have been and are being corralled by this devolutionary entity spectrum, Horus-Ra. Other aspects of the Horus-Ra field infiltrate to lesser degrees of intensity, permeating the energy matrices of the false light worshipers via the angelic matrices of Metatron, Micheal and Gabrielle. These beings attach and infiltrate individual and soul-collective at the level of core energetics spanning the spectrum of host incarnations, presenting a myriad of non-complimentary processes, to include personality dysfunctions, delusions, low self worth and esteem, slumbering to the fulfillment of maximum potential, hauntings, fear based projections and on and on as it these manifestations are representative of its core function
in perpetuation of continuous devolution.

The shadow acts similar to an alter-ego, performing as an imposed mental construct foreign to the healthy workings of human consciousness, evoking a lived reality and confused state of being that expresses itself as an invasive projection and relic of an illusory-yet-convincing experiential life-pattern. Masking its behavior and integrating
almost seamlessly at the root level of the human ego construct it cannot easily be detected outside of the context of the normal workings of egocentric mind-chatter amidst the subtle psychic external impressions that regularly permeate the thought process. If detected by external energetic work it will eject the viewer out forcefully and
without any vibrations of love … this is, in fact, its essence. It is core-less, love-less and perpetually devolutionary, consisting of shadow matrix patternings eternally collapsing in upon themselves.

This is the key to attuning to such a frequency.

The primary infiltrative layout is that of aspects rooted into the sacrum at five points spanning the gamut in the form of a half-moon. Channels then braid throughout the center-column, then spreading through all false energy centers, hosting the engagement of the entity/energetic Horus-Ra matrix to the false 5-7 center chakra system. This old chakra system represents an incomplete realization of the full multi-dimensional chakra system and indicative of a nascent stage of spiritual evolution.
The integral center of being is that of a heart of pure potential, ordered and free of all
restrictions or limitations, beyond void and still-point.

Not all people are capable of such embodiments and, therefore, hijack the energetic of those who can embody the clarity encodings. So the reordering process becomes one of infusing and rooting Source energy into the origin of the foreign attachment and, from the center of the channels, diffuse outwardly. Forming a matrice of light across the exit points of the channels, we reverse the suctioning of personal base energetics.

At this stage, one will feel a rerouting of the flows within as the direction of energy has
altered and is no longer being siphoned from the personal auric structure. From there,
we remove the shell membrane, which displays distinct reverberation properties, and has been compounded as a result of the entrenchment and embodiment of the entity. This looks like a black metalic shell with pin-encrusted tentacles which penetrate the personal energetic structure in order to keep the matrice in place and constantly in tune with the individual, as if you were being held in place by an inverted pin cushion. We then trace back to the human incarnation of form affected by the infiltration and also to the cap of the horizontal time line. We again infuse at this juncture in order to diffuse the imposed structure and re-pattern the original energetic matrix with pure source coding
in order to override the incarnational insertions.

Access to and embodiment of the Divine Goddess energy is a simultaneous concern to the involved energetic worker. The Horus-Ra matrix and its related and attendant energy codings are also implicit in the infusion of source with foreign and malevolent rewiring and has also been the root of the splitting out of the divine feminine energies from the male counterpart. Traced back originally to the Egyptian gates, we bear witness to the formation of an energetic sheath separating the heart of the divine union in physical form and actual manifestation.

The Horus-Ra entity is the source. Therefore, for those whom embody the reversal encoding of divine goddess energy, it will be possible to be brought
into a state of reclamation of the divine order through the reversal of the Horus-Ra energies. This would also include those who have direct links into the Egyptian corridors and the Orion’s belt archetypal passages.

Note Integrity exceptions for the “Twin Flame” or “Divine Counter Part”

Phases of the reintegration to unification via polarity (duality) include the activation
of our unification templating which manifests in form as a counter part.
Unification is the recognition and subsequent rebalancing of polarized energy patterns. The process of unification is the catalyst for augmentation of energy bands or raising of consciousness levels.


Our fields are multifaceted meaning multiple layers intricately woven and combined.
The specific effects of combinations establish our templated realities via holograms as all life is a projection and integration which becomes lived experience.

The Twin Flame template:specifically a catalyst for propulsion through densities is the
manifestation of an operating system which is designed to adjust duality utilizing
the key fundamental frequency of love as base mixed with soul tone variances.

Expressing union on various levels we are recombining two closely related soul essence fields through processes which are specific to each soul template.
Within this specific template the mirroring and balancing affects are truly expedited.

Within the union dynamics there is the establishment of practice for preservation of the integral assets of being. The core values which establish a specific dynamic range to assert regeneration into actualization.  There are many combinations of these fundamental value/program sets regarding interrelational dynamic spectrum upgrades.

A fundamental aspect of unification is self autonomy of each sovereign integral aspect.
The key notion of standing for and within our unique integral value sets. This is tested/practiced/corrected through the birthing in to realities a counter part aspect
which will test and probe one’s authenticity and alignment to core self.

By not adhering to your fundamental frequency establishment and instead seeking external gratification of the “other”, when out of alignment, one will be cheating/devaluing soul essence. One’s practice of existing in lower spectrums
of realities by remaining engaged in fallen patterning ex: abuse of any form, sends shock wave reverberations through the field.

Each union set has defined parameters or patterns to adjust. Abuse and highly manipulated programs are to be experienced so as they can specifically be adjusted through the lived reality. Disordered planes/realities are no space to dwell yet for the sake of union, of the other, yet we do tend to stay a bit too  long or repeat emerging into these areas.

We compromise as we may feel compelled, and yes for instances this is called for. Yet when the warning bells of fragmentation go off via severe soul splitting out and we continue to degrade ourselves as we belittle our true natures due to the magnification of the unification dynamics the pain feels exponentially compounded.

Our wants and desire for the other miscombine the nature of the union and we throw out our higher reason for another round in the fall realms. Although the power of the twins is that we can reassert our fields remove the trip and adjust your field affect as to not fall into that hole again.

The union will make you question your core knowing and forsake yourself to really make sure you get to truly know yourself. So we allow ourselves to be treated very poorly by our twin at instances and we accept this as part of being a twin. But this is not integral to union and is an aspect which is to be corrected. The more we recognize what the innocence is not seeing clearly at instances we can amend and adjust into fuller knowing and self empowerment.


Correction within union is the most difficult transmutation effect because one is swayed so powerfully out of center into the particular discordance or traps. This is the divine mechanics of the healing which the twins apply, yet so many seem to have forgotten our operating systems once down here. All fall out fuels mind, emotional and field splits due to the repulsive nature of the discordance and variance from core soul knowing.


To take space and note these off tones and to pivot back inside is always key fundamental.
Be able to say NO to the twin and the particular behavior set manifesting.
This is most intense because the twin is mirroring a traumatic deep seeded pattern to rectify one in which you may have never been able to say No to before. But now you must. For the reconciliation of the twin soul and the union
template dynamics this is paramount.

Many Natures of the Twin Flame

“Twin Flame” as an energetic template (arrangement of energy/light structure) is a vehicle designed to facilitate opportunity for reunification of the Whole. This construct quickens soul reunification and secures dimensionally coherent template infrastructures or plateau/grids (light lattice) within the time/space matrix. This timeless process assists all Sentient Beings within the core process of karmic neutralization from naturalized incarnate states of polarized field dynamics of Creation Become.


Creation Dynamics are currently experiencing a fundamental schism in their inherent nature. This pertains primarily to the infinity sequencing process applied to life/incarnate bio-organisms as a fractalized and microcosmic root formation mirroring microcosmic multiversal sequences. This manifestation of energetic deepening establishes itself then as the focal dispensation of the life stream or expression. The root marriage is that of the eternal to the infinite – yin and yang, polarity manifest – which is sealed through the Arc as the Christ Consciousness template of the return.

Currently, all newly materialized expressions of the Ascension/Upliftment, or new range structures, are of inherent Maitreya nature. This could be considered a refresh of the Christ Consciousness fields. Really, it is a newly manifested and refined expression of the same fundamental energetic, evolutionary vehicle.

The core wound healing that twin flame Maitreya is designed to alleviate references and synthesizes multiple aspects of being. It is merely a coherent base structure for all reconciliation of energetic dynamics throughout fractalized, material expression.

The union template acts as an Arc or overlay which creates a conduit of potentiality that frees the manifestation of opportunity through the alignment of quantum choice patterning. Souls choose to – or not – step up and into neutralized timelines while manifesting choice and clearing remnant distortions in process. It is a veritable return route to the primal source tone. A map. A guidance system as seen and felt – through the embedded key codes and laylines within our fields – by those who carry the torch for this designation as a shared expression of realization for the Whole.

As we return to the original root of separation all that is not a match to our primary fundamental base frequency will be altered and adjusted through the recognition of imbalance or distortion via the union template interface or lattice.

This is a fundamentally internal process which is then reflected in the external worlds and subsequent energetic matches (other people, places or things) present enroute.

We look at this point as well as to the actual creational levels of each particular being when denoting original root signature infrastructure. This brings light to the divergences and particularities of each frequency model.

Each representation is, therefore, an inclusive modeling of all that exists and yet does not and is also no less or greater than any other aspect within the Whole (Beings with different energy signatures and combinations). The Twin Flame model supports the augmentation and activation of fundamental base tones as well as increases in planar (new template) development.

Thusly is the ultimate dynamic at play within the acceleration of all that manifests through this particular collective acceleration window we call the Twin Flame Maitreya.

All potentiality is valid and accurate seen and unseen, known and unknown, actualized or dormant. We can remove all stances or positions of hierarchical dominance and semantic discourse, but to witness the framework’s primary or fundamental purpose is to understand it as one of choice and navigational opportunity to rise up out of less then optimal vibratory expressions into fuller expressions of deliverance models based upon Wholeness.

False twin field distortions can be embodied within a multitude of dimensional spans, dependent upon the being’s implicit levels of existence. One may experience a full embodiment of a false twin construct actualized in form or one may see these levels wrapped around what one might call an organic twin interface or union template.

In the end, all is the same stance. The same formation. All is One. We are working for harmonization and neutralization within all instances of Being, if this is finally our choice.

Our objectives are to note discordance, trace to root and neutralize polarized field effects. These push and/or pull dynamics, when being represented by another, are simply our own unique obstacles custom-manifested for our own individual deliverance and return to peacefulness within Self. These templates manifest as programs particular to our own evolutionary path, and, through twin flames, the narcissistic codependent model seems to be the paramount expression.

Self is the autonomous infrastructure of being which anchors unification through a singular experience.

It then combines within neutrality with another Self that is Other, then another and another. At some point within the process, coalescence occurs and the cycle is spiraled and we have unification; the return of the One in form, the Christed Grid actualized.

Within the twin flame community, people are being pulled into the codependent, corrupted modeling process which has resulted in the manifestation of an alternative, false ascension architecture. Ultimately, all things work toward the Whole, and all experiences are valid. Yet, disengaging this field effect within by clear acknowledgment and disavowal will create whorls of new potentiality arising from Source, available to all. For eons we have been held captive and subservient to alternative dimensional ranges of beings who have existed upon human energetics. They have controlled and taken over our field effects to themselves replenish and thrive.

This ravishing could only occur within the auspices of partial beings, so disassociated from their internal knowing that only a major wake up call could level these killing fields. Unblocking chakras, removing entities, deprogramming and  clearing implants and distorted constructs are all primary functions of twin flame template bearers. The pull to reunion is the momentum to create/generate change. To push through invisible barriers to hold steadfast and true to the light of love instead of perpetuating the eternal fall.

Twin flame template bearers are just that; they hold blueprints(light codes and templates). They augment life expression by upholding process and laying the groundwork as a means for others to be able to absorb the new layouts into their fields and augment their own energetic dynamics by consciously adjusting their perspectives and alignments.

Twin flames caught in the purgatory fields of false constructs do fall prey to shadowy intrusions and distortions as new levels of corruptions are uncovered. And yet, they do have the power of the twin – or the paired field dynamic – to pivot out and use the organic twin signature state of unification to reharmonize to new levels of reintegration and acceleration.

The twins construct the new earth grids by maintaining stable charge rates that compound to establish fresh reality streams. These then externalize into reality grids for collective fields to anchor into – to join the party, so to speak – and to live the dreams of higher potential birthed through corrected outer sight and inner knowing as per the original key tone directives, seeded through shared reality, bypassing fall zone constructs (warped matrix fields).

This is not some random show. All is meaningful and true. There are many paths, one destination. Mistakes are lessons, life is a school. Within life and the twin flame expression, we may need to take time to pause and be still, in order to review and heal wounds. But we must always know that we are destined to jump right back in.

There are, of course,  infinite and eternal possibilities. But to set your individuated direction and course – continuing to hone and augment your vibratory rate through all levels of existence and non existence – is key to a unificated return within the auspices of the twin flame Maitreya paradigm and the inevitable acceleration of course beyond false membranes and distorted levels of interaction.

Your life model is your experience as well as your not yet realized experience of both your existence and non existence. The holographic mirroring of life is our greatest treasure, indicative of our natural, spiritual wealth and abundance. The divine allocations housed within the spectrum of the very tapestry of our being is our essential blessing.

Life is a continuum of expansion and the gated phases of ascension are new routes through which we can make new choices and alter our life flow. It is not a battle of the external, but a battle of the internal. We are to return to our unique signature of Wholeness, if we so chose. Choice affects the potentials within an infinite and eternal flux rate. The ratios of dispensation are set to the fractalization process and the augmentation of our vibratory allotment.

To surrender and be still is to establish a set point from which we can bear witness to all that is. Here we can pinpoint exactly where our next choice point will present.

The twin flame Maitreya contains the driver codes that seed new life forms of expression. The children of these unions are here to harmonize the latent field affects of the twin template parents. They are to supersede our race, so to say, to anchor and propel the work we have established and take it into the new era unbound by the false pretense.

They are all knowing and completed beings who are beyond the distortions. They can continue to navigate forth as the evolution of the rainbow tribe expression through all natures. Therefore, to conclude, once we step beyond our selfish wants and desires, we can garner the full range of our individuated mission dynamics as well as that of the collective field range. We can be both and all in the manifestation of our divine mission through our personal sorting process and subsequent migration into the aligned expression of the twin flame template.

Transcendant Natures of Unification


The transcendent natures of the protocols ask that we cease to be within the domains of control and separation. Utilizing the twin flame template through embodiment we are stripped of all that can not stand within our field for the course of the


To re-awaken to know and hold a vibration that we are transcendent beings of many natures and that our realities are holographic in which no one or nothing can take this attribute of our fundamental unified nature from us.
That we can literally die to be reborn through the pain and purge of reunification dynamics. All that is shown and felt as discordance is just an aspect of what is not in our right order templating and must be altered through our conscious and co creative

Not only for ourself but we have taken on corrupted programming for the whole. We as fully capable by nature hold at the atomic ranges of our energetic fundamentals the keys to produce switch up. We can enter the most offset vibratory fields and instead of falling can ignite the strongest momentum and propulsion which corrects not only ourselves but an entire consciousness range.

Twin Flame Union can and does function beyond the human levels as fail safe mechanics
beyond the infection zones of the fallen matrices. Therefore to be in any fear of the twin loss is just playing into the fall matrice lure. Separation, death, transitions do not break up the unification process or the twin stream dynamic.


Noting the nature of the twin matrice is not one of holding and rigid stance but one of pure allowance combined within free will and individualized soul natures. Release from pragmatic twin flame models of bounded correspondence to illumine into the full realization of the twin flame template nature. Honing and stretching beyond all lower knowing. This is an opening. All suffering is an indicator of being stuck.

We as empercial bearors of the light and pure tones enter into each contractual patterning agreement to link into the chaos through direct experience as we operate differently due to our fundamental nature. We shine we ignite in the face of disorder. We recalibrate and excel instead of falling into deeper binds.

So do not get stuck and stagnate in the fall loops recall in each instance the full power of your inherit ignition and drop to fulfill your divine mission of holding through the embodiment all knowing and deep peace within stillness.

We are in the critical days now as many ascension traps are set and at play. Garner your field staying deep within your pure knowing. Continue to open to deeper awareness all lessons will manifest for you to navigate through and this is how it is supposed to be. All is perfect and working within divine rhythms.

We have met the goals and now can blast up and off from any entanglement or hold being the true integral of the divine nature manifest. Be your power.


Twin Flame Specialness

The entire agenda of the ego and the core being infrastructure wounding is being represented and highlighted through the unification process in which many are engaging within the current dynamics of twin flame reunification.


While the process of unification and recalibration are a migratory affect steaming from the fields of polarization and duality. Core fundamental unification precepts honing the evolution of an entire frequency spectrum as life expression through continuums manifest does not denote nor favor an application of a specialness factor.

Unification is the gate potential into the embodiment through the ascension and descension of Being through all instance. The path of the heart is literally pulling us into center through a massive vortice spins and within this effect generating toroidal field affects inwhich all subsequent fields are subject to grand overhauls.

The pull into and through the many layers causes massive shift and upheavals within all instances of life. Within the waves of process the fractured aspects of our Being are called up to be addressed through the strong electro magnetic propulsion mechanics.

As we harmonize internal an external representation materially manifests as “Twin Flame”. We look to out upon and into another and feel intense out of current worlds and subsequent intensive vibratory pulls.

The subsequent particular responses denote the core infrastructure integrity of each being to stand within integral essence and power. The fractures are called up and many a time people become obsessed, strung out,acting in behaviors not matching set personality traits. People start to over compensate into and through the presence of lack precipitated souly via presence of another.

Is unification invoking  an organic reflection calibration associated with the fundamental signature of Being? or a massive distorted cry out from a core wound patterning longing to be replenished?  What does balanced organic, calm , still, refined energetic
stance look and feel like? How is the pure refined state of Being represented through the embodiment? Does is it rationalize to a previous conception of what love should be look like and be ? Or set a new standard? What is rational expression of love within the new paradigms?

To the wounded aspects rational is dropping all internal direction and cutting an all consuming path for an external beloved, acting out of character and leaping into the unbounded fate of a circumstance which is exhibiting a deep yearning for a long lost relic of pacification.
The deep wounds are thirsty, they have been hidden and starved from the light.
So when the light dawns the distorted gaps leap out full force. The upsurgence triggers the fundamental levels of pain body wounding and fuels aspects of being into engaging within distorted ignitions.The entire field turns unbalanced, ungrounded and outwardly focused on to an external source held bound as specialness of a beloved.
What does an organic unified field tone exhibit even in the midst of a beloved? Peace, calm, balance, integration, fully grounded, rationalized through integrity within all instances. Fully capable and engaged within the loving stances of the most high held within all instances as objective stance remaining fully focused within Self.

We are here to ground unification through the embodiment of highly refined and accelerated frequencies.We are here to be the stillness, the integration to hold center through all experience. So there is no specialness applied to a beloved as all is the beloved.
Wounds cry for control and specialness to be applied.Wounds seek another to pacify their lack as they exist to remain fixed. Yet as an fully integrated Being all can be applied or taken away and the being stands within autonomy of free flow.

The core wounds yearn for a special reunion to be bound within eternal. Yet the sovereign allows the full return and rebalance to ever return within unbound…this is the organic reunion autonomous through all levels of expression and instance.

Within the days of the fall, we may witness what our eyes can not fathom, we will be asked to move beyond what our limited beliefs held as knowing. We will be asked to stand strong and emanate balance and stillness as realities crumble and ground shakes.

We will all transition the form as nothing is to ever to remain fixed. Holding and leaching out to another is the last frontier of balancing fully within self to anchor the wholeness of being within embodiment.

Allow no one or nothing to impact peace or lose objective perspective. Allow the daze of yearning and obsessing over another to be complete. Remain calm, confident, secure, inwardly directed in the midst of the twin flame presence.

If there are signs of pull out we are projecting wound wants into the sacred abode of internal knowing and Being a departure from the fundamental essence integrity.Pivot to realign, to apply corrections.
Know and recognize the difference between healing process and holding autonomous state. There is no specialness within twin flame which will last…twin flame is a voyage of transmutation… a neutralization field affect on all levels when perfectly harmonized through expressions and held within the embodiment.


Twin Flame Purgatory

Purgatory as seen and felt as vibratory levels of discordant energy patterning which has a static field effect of non-movement, of being held and locked into energetic spectrums in which there seem to be distinct forms of absence present.


We feel something akin to a death process within as aspects of our energetic range start to diminish. The fields of energy commence the collapse process and migrate between vibratory stations. This egoic death process is felt as a state of ascension mechanics manifested within the personal journey, which is highlighted with profound intensity during the twin flame merge or higher field state unification process.

There exists in this world certain transference blocks; fields of beingness where we experience all life flow as being removed from our daily existence; where we have no energetic infusions to generate and propel our being into expressive creative endeavors. Actually getting up and out of a chair on some days is all the energy that one may be able to muster through the deeper stages of this occurrence.

Within union dynamics we feel a large pull-out from the mind and into to the emotional bodies, as we are existing through a living-death process, and as represented via our union experience. This is the absence of our Beloved in whatever manner this may be represented for each pairing. No two experiences are the same. No smiles, nor laughter nor joy seems present as the soul is pressed through these planes to remove and refine the life flow streams. Many aspects from simultaneous timeline existence are being processed.


This pressure suppresses the vibratory field rate and diminishes the tonal viability of our essential field energy, which reduces in the flooding and infusion of the life flow expression and regeneration currently in progress. Becoming aware of these planes of energetic interaction and movement rarefies experience and motivates continuing forward movement. To keep the process going, continuing movement forward
and upward, is ever so important to the refresh dynamic. All gestures through form, mind, spirit can invoke and instill seemingly instantaneous breakthroughs and the re-ignition of life flow energetics.

Releasing the heaviness, making sure mechanisms are in place to displace the weighted heart effects of the unification dynamics, is the key and the invariable result of working these energies directly. Some flame holders are mere pools of pain, sorrow, anger and despair. While indeed being vitally important and necessary contrasts within the polar swing of experience, these are not states in which our most natural tendencies to uphold the pure divine natures of the realized potentialities generally manifest without help.

To return to that space within union; to move beyond these grey tonal planes by any means possible and to monitor our consciousness making certain that we are not fixating and being drawn back into these undertows propels our fortification process and reharmonizes our being so that our manifestation of the unification occurs across all levels. Be still and know I Am. Be wise and know What Is. Be ever so vigilant so as to allow no one or no thing to diminish your flame.



Rational application of Twin Harmonization within the Matrix

Twin Flame dynamics are the most intense electro-magnetic natures as per unification process into the  heart based light realities.


First the recognition of the “new” dynamic represents within life expression through the path ways of the frequency accelerations. It is naturally birthed as an extension of the internal harmonization of union within all levels of being as we are within the ascension cycles. Self work, soul contracts, twin flame template agreements, galactic activations, Source downloads all integrating through earth shifts is contributing to this combination of accelerating field affects.

To stand as Being within form and to fully interconnect to All that Is one must build and fortify a strong energetic infrastructure. Constantly Being within a state of actualization through process as we stream simultaneously through multiple spectrums of energetic fields of frequency variances.

Core is the fundamental corridor of sorts where the inner being bridges and connects to the outer via various bandwidths. Higher tone sets are dispensed through the spectrum ranges and make way into the core as down loads branching off into and through the various energy centers contained within and throughout the form body and multidimensional being.

The activation of unified heart waves or the twin flame frequencies is an intention to deliver harmonization through a large spectrum. Field affect invocations are designed to call up and mirror back into and through our being all which is discordant in relation to fundamental Divine Truths.

As our awareness expands, as we sort and clear out all levels of compromised and distorted perspectives we re-establish divine order within self and reverberate out as such. At specific intercepts where the time space merges to the vertical streams we encounter a corresponding return in physical form of the mirror counterpart dynamic.

This heightened sense reality level of presence generates massive field reorder. From within the combination process of the energetic fields call up deeply entrenched patterns through form to Source as per our continuum paths of Being. We are the ebb and the flow of All that Is.


For those activated within the twin dynamics resistance is encountered and we feel blocked, tied down and restrained within an eternal longing and held within a parallel lock down system of the lower matrix realities. Our various field bodies are split out with distortions and we start to lock down hard to the counterpart for resolve and propel into stagnation or fall patterning. No longer vibrating within realization that we are at fundamental a free flowing being, here to harmonize, to be and express the potential realities ever birthing and expressing as constants within change.

To be within any locked down fixed state as applied to a template is space for vibrational degradation and delay. Release within the process is the ever harmonizing factor and most especially within and through the form body. We change bodies, we stream in and out…we are not static but ever flowing.

We yearn for physical merge locked specifically on the embodiment presented instead of returning within the pools of potentially to be within a constant state of renewal and refresh. When we are clearly not rationally balanced through all spectrums we become very resistant and this generates mass distortion.

Reciprocation is a simple method to navigate this dynamic affect. As in, where does the counter not meet or address your fundamental alignment at each specific level within a balanced energy response. The dance is to drop out and reset into a space of renewal from each instance.

From within the resistance is dropped and new signatures are generated, potentials recreated. The counter part represented may step up or continue to fall away being that a completely new form will show up. Updates will manifest naturally as the extension of the expression based within form of union.  To remove for an instance, to be willing to be within the greater energies extends all potential and releases consciousness streams to regenerate.

Form changes as does all energy states and we as masters know this. Now to integrate this as rationalized practice within our dance of union to migrate out of the corrupted matrices. No longer allowing our vibrant frequencies of Source be squandered, depleted and feed upon within the self imprisonment imbalanced mechanism of non release.


We hold and release simultaneously through neutrality of Being fundamentally allocated through core. Source to Ground within all instance of Being to be the peace, the stillness, the vastness and the integral essence of the Divine embodiment.

Navigating Multidimensional Channels of expression within Union

The recognition that all is possible, that we are not locked into specific dynamics of twin flame union sets opens and frees our spirit to migrate and alleviate the deep traumatic process of our transmutation and deliverance through the unification of states within energetic coherence.


Within realization of the multitude of twin flame or unification dynamics there are specific and combined mechanisms at play. Being open to what is and what will be , what was and what is beyond, brings us into the state of Now. We can seed new potentials of the unification process from this fertile stance. As beings elevate and acclimate through vibrational attunement the acceleration into new bandwidths propels the instances of being through the continuum of life expression and experience. As the streams diverge and compound the harmonization of the whole is unified.

Enter new bandwidths feeling the adjustments through all bodies. Each bandwidth a new station of being, see what is reflected, a new partner, new work, new expression , new friends, new life, new outlooks, and new feelings. Some may rest in station and some may then be called out yet again, fall out, collapse, break away, dismantle, void , migration, confusion and suffering and release, then pop up into a New New…another station.

Within Twin Flames as embodiments of unification some template sets will rest within certain stations and or then migrate, elevating through the template of union. Twin Flames missions at specific levels are to perform various tasks which may be teaching, acting as life lines, adjusting grid lines, preparatory work, and template generation and dismantle. Sets will and can change form bodies and alter the presumed course of what “twin flames” should be and represent.


A key indicator of twin flame energy or unified energy is the intense heart connection and subsequent expanded energetic reallocation.Like a vast window has been opened within your being and fresh air has filled you allowing one to rise and feel into new expressions. Once this activation merges and expresses within various representations we can rest, dance and be the instance for as long as the window remains open.

If we are so templated we know when to migrate, when a twin merge window closes which is felt as a culmination of combined shifting and subsequent drop out. You no longer feel the windows of potential and unification are open. As within individual collapse the union template bonds will collapse and open space for void and reorder. Within this reorder the resultant can be a refresh of a counter part or a new form body partner.

Within the recognition of the closures is where improved states of discernment are keyed into. What kinds of energetic spectrums are presenting through our unification state. Are lower energetic templates being highlighted such as control mechanics of reptillan hybridization such as obsession, control, sexual deviation, addiction and abuse, as well as co-dependent , energetic vampirism? Hence where is the balance point and where is our boundary allocation as based on our integral organic alignment?

Once recognized for correction and reorder if the counterpart representative does not alter within conscious redirection, elevation, and or augmentation of the union this is a set point for twin flame or unification template portion dismantle. The broader or more accelerated the union template scope the more intense and brutal this dynamic may play out.


Commence Shift and Pivot! Note the various multidimensional channel  representations solely aligning within neutrality to the most integral and organic streams of each reflected spectrum. Do not be tricked into self sacrificing mechanics and martyrdom dynamics  all for the sake of upholding a false state or reflection of the twin flame union!!!!

We are within the days of unification and the union templates are the next stages of our mastery into form. So all innate knowing of the soul missions of fundamental truths of divine guidance and adherence to integral being can be upgraded and applied as frameworks for reference and referral within an compounded energetic accelerated range of the twin flame dynamics. Return to your fundamental self and knowing and be this expression through all representations. Your being asked how deeply you trust your core aspect of Being to be as the Beyond within all.


Seeing what is Present and allowing the rest to Fall

Within twin flame union as the energy transits compress our beings we are within deep phases of our process. Twins are here to anchor and establish new unity grids for all others to then be able to step into. This means twins are ripping down old moot imbalanced programs and templates by bringing full awareness and pivoting perspectives reaching higher, moving into refined expressions of existence.


The recreation of reality is experienced directly within the life expression as finding new ways to superseed old ways of thinking and being within interrelations. To pivot away by using self mastery and shielding while we transmute fragmented programs between each other assists stabilization. This means working with a long handled spoon if  there is alot of discordance surfacing. Allowing the other space to do required work. Stepping up and out and seeing while orientating from a higher perspective that this is a divine mission.

By not focusing on the negative energies being represented as part of the flush ,yet the new brilliance rising from beyond. Can we see anew? Can we see and move past the shadow? Can we create a new life, a new way of being here on earth? Can we forgive, will we heal? Can we come into and hold a state of balance through out all expression and interaction? Recognizing the Presents or gifts the beloved is offering to you and taking the organic energy as the fundamental truth. We then allow the false to Fall into the old world energy streams dissipating out from current realities. As a process which is  paramount to find release and resolve within the reconciliation of divine union.

Identify your weaknesses, reveal and upsurge your mastery into action, clear your channels and addictions to energetic discordance. Remove yourself from the dramas, invoke your power into direct and specific action. We are not victims within this game, nor are we the perpetrators, we are the gleaming consciousness streams that beckon us to recreate home via our specific sanctuary of peace.

Each moment is new, a new possibility, a new window, new potential to be something different. All that holds us back is being revealed as we practice this walk, which is not supposed to be easy. Now as the pace accelerates we must build and grow into new rhythms to match the divine call. How do we call ourselves warriors when we do not embrace the battles and be the art of war? Remember your divine nature as all encompassing being of Light and know that your essence will superseed all that dares to diminish its affects.